RxJS Training

Copenhagen – Oct 11th

with Andre Staltz


Come learn the fundamental concepts behind RxJS (or Rx in other languages) and gain confidence programming with reactive Observables. Rx is a cross-platform library for handling asynchronous programming and user interfaces. In this one-day training workshop, Andre Staltz will guide you through lectures and exercises. Expect to see Rx concepts demystified, practice with exercises, make questions, and gain confidence with the tools.

What you will learn

This is a 1-day training workshop that will cover the following topics, with lectures and exercises:

Your instructor
Andre Staltz

You will be taught by Andre 'Staltz' Medeiros, an expert in Rx who has:

Content was perfect for my needs as I was looking for just to get confidence in using RxJS. I really liked how André presented the stuff and there were good amount of exercises. (Workshop participant in Helsinki)
Andre was extremely patient, very respectful, and extremely insightful. He helped me understand how to think reactively, and although we were short for time, he pointed me in the right direction for where to go next. I would 100% recommend to anybody who needs help with Rx. (Raimondo on Codementor)

and associate
Aron Allen

Aron Allen, a local Rx expert will be active during the exercises making sure that everyone gets hands on help.

Learning Rx can be quite different from what you are used to, and for Aron it was a journey to get comfortable with the techniques. Now he is quite proficient in thinking reactively and wants to help others see the light.

Aron works as a freelance web applications developer in Copenhagen and uses functional reactive programming on a daily basis.

He also has a heart for bringing together the Cycle.js community once a year, and helped organize both CycleConf 2016 and 2017.

Schedule on Oct 11th

Required knowledge

No prior knowledge of Rx is required. For those of you who have used Rx, this training may not be for you if you are expecting advanced topics. The rule of thumb is, join if you would like to feel comfortable and confident programming with Rx.

This course is for you if:

What you will need

Please bring your own laptop as the day will involve hands-on practicing through programming exercises. No special software is needed, as the browser suffices for the exercises.


MBK Kursuslokaler
Pilestræde 61, 1112 København K


Enrol at the price of 4845 DKK excluding VAT, which includes:

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