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Google shattered human connection (2023-July)
Parametric Progress (2023-April)
Back to the Web (2023-April)
Time Till Open Source Alternative (2022-August)
The Myth of Mass Collaboration (2022-August)
Some people want to run their own servers (2022-January)
Rust for Mobile? Not yet (2021-October)
Software below the poverty line (2019-June)
The year tech giants peaked – 2018, a retrospective (2018-December)
JavaScript Getter-Setter Pyramid (2018-December)
The two schools of thought in open source (2018-December)
The Cybe (2018-October)
Reinvent the Social Web (2018-October)
Early days in the Manyverse (2018-September)
EU's Copyright Directive and the P2P Internet (2018-September)
Use React in Cycle.js and vice-versa (2018-July)
Your IDE as a presentation tool (2018-June)
Promises are not neutral enough (2018-February)
Open source without maintainers (2018-February)
Why we need Callbags (2018-January)
A plan to rescue the Web from the Internet (2017-December)
The Web began dying in 2014, here's how (2017-October)
Primer on RxJS Schedulers (2017-October)
Layers of the internet economy (2017-August)
SemVer, TypeScript and RxJS (2017-July)
Guidelines for a new programming language (2017-May)
The single tip that made me a better programmer (2017-April)
An off-grid social network (2017-April)
Cold and hot callbacks (2017-March)
Why we actually built xstream (2017-March)
My last day and my first day (2017-March)
The web needs OpenWebTraffic (2017-February)
What happens when you block internet giants (2017-January)
API design tips for libraries (2017-January)
Libraries shouldn't support everything (2016-December)
I won't use SemVer patch versions anymore (2016-October)
React could love Web Components (2016-September)
Is your JavaScript function actually pure? (2016-August)
Setting up a JavaScript monorepo (2016-July)
Everywhereness as a foundation (2016-May)
Why we built xstream (2016-April)
All JS libraries should be authored in TypeScript (2016-March)
Some problems with React/Redux (2016-January)
How to debug RxJS code (2015-December)
Nothing new in React and Flux except one thing (2015-November)
Rx glitches aren't actually a problem (2015-November)
Random namespacing in Cycle.js (2015-September)
Unidirectional User Interface Architectures (2015-August)
Why debugging is all about understanding (2015-August)
Why I cannot say FRP but I just did (2015-July)
Sharing best practices for Android, iOS, and Windows apps (2015-April)
Reactive MVC and the Virtual DOM (2014-November)
Android development has its own Swift (2014-July)
The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing (2014-July)

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New SSB Database (FOSDEM 2021)
Functional lenses for contemporary frameworks (Amsterdam.js, Amsterdam 2019)
The Internet in 2030 (Mixit, Lyon 2019)
How to think (Uphill Conf, Bern 2019)
Profunctor Optics for state management (Frontmania, Utrecht 2018)
Reinvent the social web (Full Stack Fest, Barcelona 2018)
Callback Heaven (Amsterdam.js, Amsterdam 2018)
Two fundamental abstractions (Uphill Conf, Bern 2018)
It's time to build our own Internet (TEDx Geneva, 2018)
The Decentralized Web (Hack\Talks, Helsinki 2017)
The World According to Google (Central European Forum, Bratislava 2017)
OOP is dead only if FP is dead ( meetup, Utrecht 2017)
Composable Native APIs (React Native Europe, Wroclaw 2017)
(PT-BR) O fim da internet (BrazilJS, Porto Alegre 2017)
The Past, Present, and Future of Cycle.js (CycleConf, Stockholm 2017)
You will learn RxJS (ng-europe, Paris 2016)
The Return of Stream I/O (GOTO, Copenhagen 2016)
See the data flowing through your app (Full Stack Fest, Barcelona 2016)
Dynamics of change: why reactivity matters (PolyConf, Poznan 2016)
Unidirectional data flow architectures (At The Frontend, Copenhagen 2016)
Brains as building blocks (CycleConf, Copenhagen 2016)
Cycle.js was built to solve problems (, Helsinki 2016)
The whole future declared in a var (dotJS, Paris 2015)
Cycle.js and functional reactive user interfaces (ReactiveConf, Bratislava 2015)
How Reactive Programming can help reduce code spaghetti (MLOC.js, Budapest 2015)
What if the user were a function? (JSConf Budapest 2015)