André Staltz

Open Source Freelancer


I am self-employed and make a living from training, mentoring, and freelancing. The ways I can be of service to you are usually through:

For other types of work, feel free to send me an email and we can discuss the details and viability.


I worked closely with André while developing a kick-ass application for Android. As a designer I appreciate his ability to jump into my shoes and have a vivid conversation about any issue - was it design or technical detail. Practically everything was possible to him, but of course with consideration. I have worked wit only a couple of developers I consider to be truly top-class and André is surely one of them! — Ville Suomi

André is one of the most brilliant researchers I met in the entire research group. The way he thinks and tackles the problems always give me an unique impression. I recommend André to his future employee/employer or his business partner not only because he is good at having actionable insights on different problems, but also he is a really nice guy to hang out. — Hotloo Xiranood

I feel like an Rx god already. Thanks Andre. — Akinsanmi on Codementor

Andre was extremely patient, very respectful, and extremely insightful. He helped me understand how to think reactively, and although we were short for time, he pointed me in the right direction for where to go next. I would 100% recommend to anybody who needs help with Rx. — Raimondo on Codementor