André Staltz

Open Source Freelancer


Hi, I come from Brazil, but never felt like a true Brazilian. Now, I live in Finland, where it's nice and cold. The Finnish culture also matches my personality well.

I currently work as an independent contractor, programming instructor, speaker, and donation-based open source developer. From 2013 to 2017 I worked as a Senior Web and Mobile Developer at Futurice. Prior to that, I worked on my own startup during one year building web discussion forum software.

I'm enthusiastic about reactive programming, functional programming, frontend, mobile, and the decentralized web. I have authored the Cycle.js framework, and have been a core contributor to RxJS. Currently, I am helping build an open source peer-to-peer social network with Scuttlebutt, while supporting my existing open source libraries like Cycle.js and others.

I'm MSc in Computer Science, and for my Master's Thesis I developed HAcid, a Java client library that enables ACID transactions on HBase. In Brazil I graduated BSc in Computational Mathematics at UFMG, where I got to do research on Computational Fluid Dynamics and also Operations Research.

I started programming by making games. With my friend Glauber Kotaki (artist for Rogue Legacy) I've made some games such as Cold Tension, and by myself I've made RGBlend, a color puzzle game.

I'm an acoustic guitarist and a composer. I listen to different genres, but mostly instrumental music. Check out my acoustic songs recorded on video. In 2004-2006 I recorded a progressive alternative rock/metal album called O vazio tem um nome. You can find other compositions at Soundcloud.

Staltz is just a nickname I use on the web since 2004. My real name is André Medeiros, but I try to avoid it because it's disappointingly unoriginal.